Back to the dentist

I’ve been rubbish and haven’t visited the dentist for two years, so today I went there. I lay in a chair for 35 minutes in a room full of cuddly toys, while the hygienist scrubbed and polished and flossed my teeth, and then I had a couple of x rays, and then my dentist poked around some more.

Then, when ti was clear one of my old fillings was deteriorating and needed replacement, I agreed to spend another hour lying in a chair with my mouth stretched open, as more remedial work took place.

So that was a nice morning. I got to the office, really rather out of it, my jaw muscles aching from being stretched for so long.

It was a short day at the office though, because I had to leave to fly to Bangkok. I’m writing this from a bed on the 20th floor of a hotel, wondering when the world will stop moving and I can take a breath for a moment.

But at least my teeth are nice and clean.

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