Back to the front

After I’d done enough thinking today, I drove to the vehicle licensing centre in Ballard and asked them to put my custom plates on the new car. It took a little bit of explaining as first the lady on the counter thought I wanted to get the plates that had been delivered to the dealership, but where’s the fun in having blah-blah-blah on your car when you’ve paid for custom plates that you can remember more easily?
So, onto the third car that I’ve owned in this country go my custom license plates, and now I can pootle around not forgetting what my car’s license plate is.

This evening I left Frogmorton to guard the house and drove up to Lynnwood for a game of Blood Bowl, where my team got smashed to pieces and I was very sad. Still, there’s more of the league to go, and a 4 game winning streak was always going to end at some point. On to the next big adventure.

Froggy was a bit cross with me when I went out, and when I went home, and pounced on me a few times. I hope that cat has a better temper than I have, or that he can forgive me for leaving him alone so long. Better get some more toys tomorrow…

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  1. And so…. Groggy (predictive keeps replacing Froggy with Groggy) will be left alone while you forage for more toys. Chelsea has the most amazing high shelving in her apartment, specifically for her cats to look down on their humans !

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