Back to the past

Today I got to go back to the office to pick up p personal possessions. I’d forgotten what I’d left on my desk; two water bottles, a small walrus toy, a few awards made from perspex, nothing I’ve missed for the last year. But it was especially depressing to walk through offices that used to have people in them. All the little reminders, like photos and unopened parcels and the decorations people had used to make their desks a little less drab. It felt like I was on the stage of some post apocalyptic movie, where the protagonist wanders an abandoned world. And none of those movies turn out well, do they?
I went home, felt rough for most of the day because I’ve not been eating enough, scoffed a bag of marshmallows (which probably gets me to the opposite end of things), read the girls their bedtime story (a Janet Dogwoman story, supplied by their grandfather) and then to bed.

I wonder if tomorrow will also be in a film or not.

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