Back to the pool

I had my first swim this year. Although the gym is mostly closed, you can book thirty minutes in the pool, so at 9 this evening I set down my book about bears and libertarians and went down to Ballard.
I managed 9 laps (I’d miscounted and thought I’d done 11, but that was enough for one night). I was taking a minute between each lap, but I was fairly consistent – around 38 seconds per length of the pool, including once in 32 seconds, though I don’t know how I did that. Maybe all the pull ups have made me stronger and thus more capable of pulling myself through the water.

Then I drove home and lay on the sofa. Swimming always made me sleepy when I was in Singapore, and this was not an exception to that rule. I’m hoping I can swim at least once a week, and with a bit of trying get up to twenty lengths in half an hour. (it’s almost possible now, but I need to shorten my recovery time and be able to do two lengths without a break)

I’ve also really been enjoying reading this year. I’m not sure why I’ve read so much more than in 2020, but it gladdens me to have done so. I may even finish all the books I got for Christmas at this rate…

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