Back to the wall

After a day of continuous, incredibly loud banging and sawing, I read to the girls and then drove to the climbing wall, where I managed just over forty minutes of climbing, for the first time in more than six weeks. I deliberately took it easy, trying to avoid anything too hard that might damage me. I taped up my finger at the first sight of a blister, and returned uninjured from the evening’s excursion.
But damn am I tired now. I’m not sure if it’s the after effects of all the hammering, the stressing about electrical permits, the mental fatigue of trying to think, or just the fact that I’ve pulled myself up at least twenty stories by my fingertips, and used lots of muscles I forgot about since July.

Still, a start is a start. And it’s good to be tired because you went and moved around, rather than because you sat still for too long. All that remains is to eat a cookie, drink some milk, read a book and go to sleep. I should be able to handle all of that…

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