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There’s a lockdown in force again in Washington, as covid cases spike again. That means no more climbing for a while… At least the swimming pool isn’t shut. For now. So my wife sent me out to stock up on toilet paper, because funnily enough we were getting low and worried that the shelves might be bare again.
So far, so good; Fred Meyer was rich in toilet paper and I also got some Impossible burgers and a tin of chipotle peppers, meaning we can eat for a bit longer. I was thankful to have a car, rather than have to yomp up there on foot or get wet on my bike. Perhaps this is the start of laziness.

The kids were pretty good today; no raging from Destroyer, and they went to sleep quickly. Last night they were all over me in bed, and tomorrow I have an early start (7am call) so I’m hoping they don’t repeat this craziness.

I played Blood Bowl, I won a match 3-1. I did some more pull ups, I went to bed. It was a good day. I hope the next is even better.

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