Back to winning

This evening we went to a Seattle Seadragons game. The last time I watched them was dull as dishwater, punctuated by stupid decisions, but tonight they played well (most of the time- there were a few times they gave up the ball on an easy possession and went backwards). Their rivals, the Texas Roughnecks, had won their first 4 games this season, and at times it looked like the Seadragons wouldn’t even let them score.

So that was pretty good and we shouted ourselves hoarse. There was a scary moment near the end where they had 24 seconds to run the ball down the field to score another touchdown, tie the game and win on a conversion, but the Seadragons didn’t crumple at the end and we went home happy.

Hopefully our kids sleep well and don’t wake up in the middle of the night to demand anything. And Froggy keeps out of trouble too…

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