Backwards and forwards

There’s a strike among the concrete workers in Seattle at the moment, and that means a lot of other construction workers are sitting around with nothing to do. This ends up being a good thing for me, because my friend the electrician can’t do his regular job, and so has lots of spare time to help me out. So today, a lot of wiring got done, as we get closer to having the HVAC and the water heater wired up.
Otherwise, work on the house is stalled, but that’s because the architect failed to submit updated plans to the city six months ago, and now we have to wait for a repermitting. But that is also not so bad, as it means more time to get the wiring done right. So, every cloud a silver lining, etc.

I’m exhausted today: I stayed up too late last night, and I’m suffering from it now. Exarcebating it is the Invisalign, meaning my usual hobby of snacking all evening is denied to me. But I guess that’s probably a healthy thing. Eventually …

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