Bad day

I slept badly, getting to sleep about two this morning, and that coloured my day. My concentration was off all day, and then when I discovered that somebody had stolen my electric bike from the porch of our house, that was just the capper on it all.

I suppose I hadn’t ridden it much for the last year (although that was partly because we weren’t at home and didn’t have access to it) and it’s my fault for not storing it somewhere that I could lock it up, and I could have moved it to my neighbour’s garage and had it locked away while we were in the Hoh Rainforest (which was probably when an opportunist thief took it) but it was still a kick in the pants in a week that’s been hard anyway, having to deal with a kid with a cough, exhaustion from the drive back from Hoh, and worrying I haven’t done enough for the girls’ birthdays this year.

Things will improve. It’s just sometimes you have an accumulation of bad things, and it’s tough to deal with them at once. Onwards. At least I got 650 miles out of it.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the bike etc. You do so much for your girls, I’m sure they will have lovely birthdays.

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