Bad decisions and sleep

We were meant to get the girls vaccinated at 8 this morning, but at seven my wife woke me from my cheese and cider laced slumber to tell me she’d missed some of the details on paperwork and I could stay in bed, because we weren’t vaccinating them today.
On the positive side, I got to sleep in until 10:30. On the negative, when you sleep in until 10:30 it’s hard to fight the feeling that the day is running away from you.

I got coffee, went to help out with the homeless south of Seattle, got soaking wet, came home, did 45 minutes of exercise in VR, yelled at the kids when they wouldn’t eat their dinner, and then took them on a walk in the dark to our house, and then back again. And then they went to sleep, and I faffed about for four hours when maybe I should have gone to bed too. Still, I got my steps in. That’s something, right?

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