Bad head day

I had a bad head on Sunday, and it was no better on Monday, so, worried I had the strep throat my daughter and wife suffered the other week, I went off to the doctor to get checked.
The strep throat test is not fun. They depress your tongue then stick a swab in your throat until you gag and cough. Then they treated my allergy to penecillin with the scepticism I’ve grown used to, diagnosed a viral infection and have me some ibuprofen and a saline bottle to squirt up my nose.

I bumbled home yesterday, still coughing and spluttering, and stayed home. Today I went to the office to get my laptop, intending to work from home, but then I had to scan a signed document and send it back to my mortgage broker, so I returned to the office and sat there, trying to be productive for the rest of the day. I got a few things done, then strolled back home in a mild drizzle.

The kids went to sleep quickly, as usual. That gave me time to spare, so I reread the Gaslands rules. I hadn’t realised a few key things about how the game mechanics work for moving (and losing control of) your vehicle, but now I’m even keener to have a proper game. Perhaps with my daughters, or with people who can cope with militarised ice cream vans and post apocalyptic cement trucks.

After two days of medication, I’m feeling no better than before, but also no worse. So that’s something

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