Bad start

I couldn’t sleep last night, and waking this morning I felt dreadful. There was no coffee in the house, my head was sore in the special way that an impending storm always makes me groggy, and I was lightheaded and faint. And on top of that, a bug with my laptop meant the internet connection kept dying.
Coffee didn’t help. The rainclouds dissipating didn’t either. I tried getting some fresh air and going for a walk: also no good. It was only when I had my lunch two hours early and recovered some joie de vivre that I figured out maybe I was just very, very hungry.

Positive things to note: more than half the spaces at my Blood Bowl tournament are booked now, and we’ve successfully removed a strip of the ceiling throughout our living room, which means we can hopefully run cable in the next few days. The cat we’re catsitting remains affectionate no matter how loud our kids get, and we have access to a dishwasher and heating for the first time in a month. Yeah, if it weren’t for feeling like death for three hours, everything would be tickety-boo.

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