Bad start to a morning

Tomorrow I fly to Singapore, or rather, tomorrow I get on a plane and I disembark in Singapore first thing on Friday morning. I waited until tonight to pack, after the kids had squealed and raged a bit about not having enough extra snacks after dinner.

Thus, I feel a bit broken now. I’m sprawled on the sofa, readying for bed. Tomorrow morning I have an early call before I take La Serpiente to school, so I’m wondering when I’ll get to fit sleep in.

Still, it could be worse. This may seem a low bar, but I didn’t get knocked off a bike this morning.

After I dropped La Serpiente off, I walked home, put the rubbish out and then went to the bus stop. I got there to see a man lying on his back in the street, with several people gathered around him and his bike on the road.

It was raining fairly hard, and at first I thought he’d just skidded, but he was lying on his back and not moving, and there was a first aider already talking to him. A few minutes later two fire engines, a police SUV and an ambulance turned up, and shortly after that his wife arrived too.

With so many people already involved, there wasn’t anything for me to do. I regret that I didn’t help by carrying his bike up the street to his house, because a slight woman volunteered before I could do that.

Meanwhile, the police were interviewing a car driver, and by the sounds of it he was turning right and there was a collision. The intersection by our bus stop seems to be a real accident hot spot, and it makes me feel a bit more reluctant to go out on my bike. And I’m not even the person who was driven away in an ambulance today.

I hope everyone’s alright. I hope I don’t have to feel guilty about not helping out, because I hope there aren’t any more accidents there.

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