Bad start

I woke this morning with incredibly painful heartburn, probably from scoffing all the cheese last night, and then had to get on a 7am phoencall while I felt like the world was ending around me. Thankfully it got better (after an hour) and then I went to work.
The children were especially jubilant this morning (usually one or the other is upset to have to get out of bed) and sent me off to work cheerfully. I had a day that was partly productive, partly just a long slog, and then I came home and lost three games of Blood Bowl in a row.

This is good preparation for the weekend’s tournament, if I lose four games in a row. I can try to be stoic about it.

Anyway, once again there is a kid in my bed and the prospect of poor sleep lies ahead of me. And so to bed. I would ha e written about the book I read this week but I’m too sleepy. Should have played less Blood Bowl…

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