Bag it up

Today we saw the parents of two of our dearest friends from Hong Kong, visiting from where they live in Colorado. For the first time in almost two months it was overcast and threatening rain, but we still went to the park, set up our folding chairs under the trees, and had a nice chat over pastries. The girls discovered that they could wear the seat covers for our folding chairs, and ran around gibbering like loons again. Such is our life.
In the afternoon we had an abortive trip to Target to buy some duffels to pack clothes for our trip. The alternative would be to throw all our clothes in a bin bag and lob that inside our roof box; maybe not such an awful decision. We did pick up a smaller cooler, which frees up some space in the trunk of our car. Then we drove home, and I took the car down to our house, where, because the electricity is back on, I can once more charge it for (almost) no money.

It takes about seven hours to charge at home, so it’s finishing about midnight. I’ll walk down tomorrow and collect it, then we have a last chance thrill ride to REI tomorrow in search of duffels, and then go to Costco to buy bin bags, I guess. I hope the girls are equally thrilled by this.

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