Baked goods and rest days

I stayed up too late last night, so when I rode down to the climbing wall today I wasn’t in the right mood. Still tired from Friday’s session, I could do less than I had before, rather than more, and found myself just going through the motions because it was a waste not to.

This isn’t a good attitude to cultivate. After I’d climbed for about half an hour, seeing I wasn’t improving, I rode home again, just beating the rain. But at least I didn’t get wet or hurt myself.

We watched the MotoGP race that had been at Le Mans a few hours before, and then I got the kids to walk up to Phinney Ridge with me to buy marzipan for the Battenburg I was planning to make. The supermarket was out of marzipan, that staple of a healthy diet, and it was by now tipping it down with rain, so we bought jelly instead, walked home (proving our new raincoats work well) and then I borrowed our neighbours’ car to pick up marzipan from a different supermarket.

And the rain went on, and on, and on.

This evening, we baked the sponges for the Battenburg (vanilla and cocoa flavoured, rather than the bright pink and yellow I’m used to from my childhood), put the kids to bed, got the sponges out the oven, put them in the fridge to cool, and then cut them up and reassembled them. The recipe I had made a Battenburg that was 16" long, which was ridiculous and so we made two instead. I had thought the marzipan would stick to the sponge but on our first attempt it didn’t, so our second run involved gluing marzipan to sponge with hot jam. It’s a good life if you don’t weaken.

Tomorrow, we slice the cake open, which is when I’ll gather photographic evidence. Now to bed…

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