Banging banging banging

Today one of our contractors was fitting another couple of posts to reinforce the rear wall of the house, which involved an awful lot of banging and sawing, just as I was getting on a call with one of my clients. Whereas yesterday a pause had coincided with when I needed to speak, today the racket was loud and constant for three hours, before, work completed, our contractor left for the day.
Somewhat shellshocked, I struggled through the rest of the day, mind enfeebled, and at about six downed tools, emotionally and mentally exhausted by it all.

After the girls were asleep, I then had to start on final preparations for my tournament, collating entry sheets, rosters, and all the other stuff required to make things go smoothly on Saturday. I have tomorrow off work, luckily enough, which gives me more time to run around printing things and otherwise panicking, hopefully before a good night’s sleep on Friday. Here we go…

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