Barbarian at the gate

Today Destroyer was, once again, tearful at the school gates. She’d been a little weepy at breakfast, but then fine on the walk to school. Once we arrived and her hands had been washed and her temperature taken and her mouth inspected for HFMD, she seized hold of me and wouldn’t let go, pleading with me to stay.

She wasn’t like this with her mother, and she knows I always (well, mostly) reappear at the end of the day, so her separation anxiety is a bit hard to figure out. Perhaps this is just her growing up. 

Anyway, after I had eventually escaped her clutches I went off to the office, feeling very, very tired. My feet hurt. That was the clearest thing about today, that I was so tired that my feet hurt. I ate a second breakfast, had some coffee and they were still sore. 

At lunchtime, I skipped out and went climbing. They’ve installed a large cuboid volume on one of the walls, situated in such a way that you hold onto it in the same way you would a box full of stuff when you’re moving house. Maybe this is some attempt to retraumatise me, as we haven’t moved house in a year. I suppose if they want to do it properly, they’ll get me to fall over and skin my knees too. 

This wore me out, but I think I’m now on the right track, as I managed to stay awake tonight while I put the kids to sleep, and then fluked a win when I got to play Blood Bowl. So that was, all in all, a pretty good day. 

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  1. Glad to see you’re still writing your blog. Has Destroyer seen other kids being tearful as they go into school ? It was like that with one of my kids. Peer pressure an all that jazz ?

    • Not as I’ve noticed – pretty much everyone (apart from the tiny children) are quite content on the way in. I think it’s more a function of me being away on business and then coming back…

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