Battle Sister

Today they released Battle Sister for the Oculus Quest. This is a VR game based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe, in which you play the part of an elite warrior nun, clad in black power armour adorned with fleur de lys and toting a gun that fires massive exploding bullets. And that’s before we get to being able to use rosary beads to blast your opponents with faith, or the enormous sword you also get.
It was a lot of fun, although at one point my wife had to stop me before I punched our television, which is another way of saying it’s very involving. I can’t get past the second level yet (purging a convent of invading Chaos cultists and flying spider demons), and it’s taking time to adjust to the controls – I spend a lot of time panicking, dropping my gun or failing to reload it – but perhaps that’s a realistic depiction. Of combat against demons when you’re a elite warrior nun clad in black power armour, etc…

After an hour or so of playing that, I had a game of Blood Bowl, which paled in comparison, in so far as the graphics were nothing as impressive, but on the other hand I did feel at least vaguely competent, even if I eventually lost the match 1-0 when I had a string of bad dice in the last three turns. But that was a lot of computer games today. (oh, and Destroyer demanded I climb a mountain for her at lunchtime, which I did after I’d taken La Serpiente on a quick trip to the shops to buy a book).

Then again, it’s cold and wet. Why not stay inside and play video games?

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