Bedding down

After some time and a few failed attempts on various Facebook groups, my wife managed to purchase a second hand bunk bed for La Serpiente. This fits into the category of discretionary purchases; there was nothing massively wrong with her current bed, but the bunk bed provides more storage, and a trundle bed underneath so when I need to spend the night in her room, I don’t cripple my back sleeping on the floor.

There were, of course, some things wrong with it. For a start, it was in Seng Kang, a twenty minute schlep across Singapore in a cab. For comparison, that would be like living in Plymouth and driving to Newcastle to pick up a bargain.

Second, the bed was utterly enormous. Which we solved by hiring a man with a van. But that led to another problem, because nothing’s ever simple in this world; the man with the van quoted an extra fee of thirty dollars if he had to use his own tools to dismantle the bed. Not thirty dollars to buy tools, mind, thirty dollars for a few spins of his much used allen leys. My wife went and found another man with a van without such premium service levels.

Of course that man with a van was two students, who arrived an hour late and took three hours to take the bed apart. I didn’t care much, because I’d paid the seller and left them to it, going home to rest.

And of course the sellers were as daft as sellers always are, offering the same bed for two different prices on the same website, and then splitting the difference when we called then on this. How amateur can the haggling get? Either you accept the lower price you said you were charging, or you brazen it out and pretend you had two identical, though differently-priced, sets of bunk beds for sale.

And they were late too, and there are signs in Seng Kang HDB estate reminding you not to urinate in the lift, which makes you worry how much of a problem that is, which remind you of the time you got home one morning in Chinatown to see an old geezer just pissing on a drain next to the lift, and perhaps this is just one of those things, but it’s certainly something that once seen cant be unseen, and in any case my wife already feels there’s too much reference to excretion this week, and …

Anyways, after much time but little real effort, we have an enormous bunk bed for La Serpiente that takes up almost all the room, and somehow makes it feel tangibly much more her room than it ever was before. There are lots of shelves for her favourite cuddly toys to watch over her as she sleeps, her night time water bottle is finally within arm’s reach, and the singular joy she shows to have a ladder of her own is wondrous to behold.

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