Bedtime changes

The girls decided to put themselves to bed tonight, making us surplus to requirements. It’s sad to be redundant, and this was clearly a scheme they’d concocted to play more and put off sleep, but they still found us necessary enough to come down throughout the evening when they couldn’t sleep, or in La Serpiente’s case to demand she could sleep in our bed instead.
La Serpiente’s other top incisor came out today, so she is totally gap toothed. Somehowb#5 is the going rate in this household, so she’s a bit richer

In fact, it was an action packed day. I got the lawnmower out of the basement for the first time ever and cut the grass. This revealed quite how ridiculously bumpy our lawn is, great holes across it, as though the turf was laid by rank amateurs who didn’t know what they were up to. So that might be a project at some point.

I went for a run: the schedule called for 10-15 minutes at steady pace, and I did that without much bother. It’s funny how I’ve slipped back into running being part of the routine again I’ve got to get fit somehow, and corona virus might as well help.

I’m taking off from work for Easter. It’s a shame we can’t go anywhere or do anything, but at least there will be eggs.

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