Bedtime thump

Both my daughters woke up in the night and came into my bed. Destroyer first, snoring next to me and making it hard for me to sleep, and La Serpiente second.

At about 3am, La Serpiente was amusing herself by playing with my face. I yanked her hand away from me and told her to stop, and to her credit, she did.

About five, La Serpiente rolled out of the bed and onto the floor, generating a thump so loud that it woke my wife, sleeping on the sofa downstairs, as well as me. Our admirably solid daughter didn’t wake up, or if she did, it didn’t faze her: back into bed she crawled.

Thus, today I was sluggish, not performing at my peak. I solved a few problems – some difficulty with date arithmetic in a database, and explained this to my eldest – and had some client s, but I didn’t feel I was making much progress. I also explained Blood Bowl to my team. I’m not sure what they thought about that.

I also got to ride my bike to take Destroyer to preschool today, and today was the day we reached 200 miles on my bike. I was rather pleased by this, irrationally focussed on getting a photo before it flipped over to 201 miles. Then I left my bike out in the yard and forgot to put it into the basement, so it’s lucky today was another sunny, rainless day.

Now, with the kids asleep and my wife somewhere I prepare again to sleep…

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