Below par

After yesterday’s session at the track, I was pretty broken today. I made it through the day by the skin of my teeth, hanging on to consciousness and the edge of ny desk, but with aching legs and a weak mind. Returning home, I fell asleep before having a chance to deal with my daughter and woke up dazed and confused to bathe her.

None of this should be a surprise; going from no exercise to lots in one swift leap is never easy. I hope tomorrow i can manage to get my run in round MacRitchie (the first for three weeks) and not just be a shuddering mess.

Today I discovered Nibbler, a handy tool to diagnose issues with websites and suggest improvements. And give you lots of badges. Everyone likes badges. It encouraged me to make a few tweaks that should result in a snappier site, which is nice. I only wish that I could say the same of myself. Surely there’s a service for me to be improved remotely by experts. Fitness training as a cloud service?

Tomorrow I’ll troll the internet with questions like "How can I get my child to smoke more cigarettes?" Tonight, exhausted from a long day and the aftermath of yesterday, I’m going straight to bed. Before 9:30.

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