For the first time in more than ten years, I’m back in Norway. This is the second new country for the girls this year, after Sweden, and after getting here on a cheap flight from Gatwick, they were keen to run around.

We took them to a Christmas market in the middle of town where Destroyer demanded a doughnut with such repetition that it began to sound like a sacred chant, but we only let her have a hot chocolate, and then also ignored her sister’s demands for ice cream. It’s almost zero degrees, after all, not ice cream weather.

We took a bus back to our friends place afterwards, and I tried to get the girls to bed, but then they told me they wanted me to leave. So I did, and then La Serpiente got upset and demanded I come back to give her a hug. At least my girls want me around at bedtime again.

Now, I’m cold and very tired. On to the other side of the night.

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