Bicycles and the cold

I got a bit lost today and rode home along 3rd Avenue, which is better than my normal route – it’s a big long hill, but it’s less busy than 8th,so there’s less car fumes, and when I made the turn to my street there was a glorious downhill fun of five or six blocks, whereas when I come up 8th it’s just uphill all the way.

On the downside, it was cold outside and cold on my bike and so when I did get home, all I could do was slump at the table for twenty minutes. Now I’m presented with a dilemma – do I get an electric bike to make the journey easier, or is this an opportunity to get strong? Let’s see how far through the winter I can make it.

I read to the kids from Drearcliff Manor, Kim Newman’s latest. So far it’s a bit like a better Harry Potter – I have to hope the girls don’t get into it, and then it turns into Jago. But who knows?

As it’s cold, I’ve programmed the Nest to come on and warm us early in the morning. I assume you can put a timer on most thermostats, but can you program them from your computer in the office? Damn, I love technology.

There’s no technology to handle school starting at 7:25 though, so that’s an early night for me. Onward to the morning!

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