Big Rain

The rain intensified today: there’s a very large weather pattern that moved in on Saturday and got heavier and heavier today, when I’d relaxed, after the rumours of its arrival mid week hadn’t come true.
Early in the morning it wasn’t bad, but there were sheets of rain pouring down at 2pm while I was out doing outreach with the homeless, and everyone got a soaking (most people weren’t even out of their tents, because it was so bad).

Then I drove down to Tacoma, with terrible visibility all the way there, and though the skies cleared about 3:30, it was still slippery all the way back.

Our friend that we’re staying with was flying back from San Diego and their plane was blown sideways and up and down on the way into SeaTac, one of those incidents of turbulence that goes on and on and leaves the whole plane sobbing with fear. But she made it down in one piece. Now I’m just hoping tomorrow, when we move house yet again, isn’t too wet and windy. I can at least hope…

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