Big steps

It took about two hours, but we got the kids out of the house and all went down to the grocery store, while the builders finally removed the plastic sheeting separating the extension and basement from the rest of the house. At long long last we have the ability to walk from the front door to the basement without any interruption.

To celebrate, we went down to BECU to sign paperwork for a loan so we can carry on paying for this, as well as going to the library and buying cupcakes.

As that wasn’t much of a celebration or a fun thing for the kids, in the afternoon I took them to the ice rink where they skated for an hour, and I shambled after them. La Serpiente bullied me into using one of the cones to lean on, and I have to say it helped a lot, giving me a sense of what it felt like to move without fear of falling over, so I could easily discard it and then skate a (little bit) better than before.

Then home for a dinner of pizza, and for my electrician chum to help locate the wiring issue (as I suspected, a drywall screw had gone through a wire) and then two hours of fixing a confusing set up with some dimmer switches. So, the house feels closer to completion than ever. What’s left?

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