Bin bin bin

Our neighbours are away on holiday so we asked if we could use their bins this week, as we have lots and lots of rubbish. They were fine with this, but we should have asked last week, because their bins are totally full (the heaviest yard waste container I’ve ever pulled up onto the street) so our devious scheme to rid ourselves of lots of unnecessary cardboard is in tatters. Oh well…
I’m reading the girls The Twistrose Key, a Narnian-alike novel from Scandinavia with reincarnated animals, lots of snow and no perceptible religion (yet). This follows on the heels of Zorgamazoo, 280 pages of verse, and the first two books of the Inkheart trilogy. (We’re not reading the third because I checked out the synopsis, and it sounded horrific.)

Anyway, I got them down, played a game or two of Blood Bowl, the cat ran around the house like a lunatic, and now it’s time for bed. Glad I put the bins out.

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