Binary weapons

We took the girls with us for more furniture shopping today, which I don’t think they enjoyed, and then I took them to the zoo. There had been quite a lot of squabbling, so before we set out I told them that any further wind up would mean we went straight home again, and then they were blissfully well behaved thereafter. They looked at animals, they ran and played and gambolled freely in the play area and didn’t even whine for toys, and then I went home to pick up my wife.
And then instantly the girls began to argue again, like there’s a weird reaction that occurs when all four of us are in close proximity. I drove them to West Seattle for a party, and then they played nicely for four hours, screamed when we went home, then went straight to sleep.

That gave us time to entertain this evening – two of our friends came over and we roasted marshmallows on my diminutive chiminea, drank strong booze, ate cheese and then were surprised by the slugs crawling onto the cheese plate.

A proper evening, then. Tomorrow morning I have my trial run to take La Serpiente to school. I hope this goes well…

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