Birthday 5.2

Destroyer’s birthday came today, and bless her heart, instead of boisterously waking up the house as early as possible as La Serpiente would, she slept in, and then gradually increased in excitement through the day.
It was a cold, wet Junuary day, so we spent most of it inside. We have her 1,500 Lego bricks, and she got books and clothes and was pretty happy with all of that.

I had to work this morning, bit after that I walked the girls up to Phinney Ridge, where they persuaded me to buy them each a book (that wasn’t a hard negotiation) while I got coffee and wrapping paper for my wife’s birthday.

Then we strolled back down the hill and the girls gibbered and played until it was time for pizza at five.

I rushed out to get the pizza, then discovered there was a 45 minute wait. So I walked home, then went back out, to find our pizzas were twenty minutes late, and then they’d misheard my order and only made three pizzas (when we had guests) instead of four. Very kindly, they made me a fourth and didn’t charge me, which may be because we’ve eaten so much pizza lately that they feel a free one every so often is ok.

Then home asap to feed everyone, time for a quick call to friends in Singapore, and then the kids to bed and me out running. Have to do something to burn off all the cake…

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  1. Destroyer is such a little poppet. Big hugs to her. Glad you eventually got your pizzas.

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