Biscuits run

We walked the girls down to Market Street, bought stationery for school at Target, and the biggest bag of biscuits possible from Biscuit & Bean, and then the kids went to a little playground near a church on 59th. There was all sorts of things to do: there’s a zipline type thing that Destroyer could go uphill on by swinging her body back and forth, in an amazing display of strength, and there was also a swingball where we had great fun whacking a soft basketball tied to a post and then dodging it as it swung around the post and almost whacked us in the head. When I say "almost" I mean " half the time".
After that we walked home, had lunch, then went to the toy shop for some birthday presents for a friend tomorrow. We got stuffed dragons. I was eying up the Lego Lamborghini – it’s only $500 – but thought better of it. For now, anyway.

Then back home, and the girls went to the park for an hour, which meant we had them in bed and passed out stone cold by 730, allowing us to watch three episodes of The Good Place and for me to lose a game of Blood Bowl. All the best things in life …

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