Bits of good news

I worked all day today, with hardly a break. I got a single chance to go for a walk around the block between meetings, but otherwise it was call after call after call, until my brain fell out and I packed it in about six.
At six, we had a call with our solar power contractor, who was also trying to sell us on redoing our roof. This is a dilemma, because at some point in the future the roof will need to be redone, and doing it alongside the solar panels would be more tax efficient, in the Byzantine tax structure of the US, but it also means a new roof, and it’s not like the old one isn’t still a roof right now. So we shall see.

I got to talk to my accountant tonight:, and received the glad news that I’m due a tax refund for 2019. As soon as I get round to printing out 58 pages and mailing them to Texas, that is.

That is all the news for today. I am very, very lucky, as I must never forget.

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