Reading the cardio-vascular section of Build Your Running Body, there’s a couple of paragraphs on blood plasma increases. As you train, your body increases plasma volume, which makes your blood less viscous and therefore easier to pump around the body. Interestingly for denizens of Singapore, training in the heat significantly increases this adaptation, as long as you’re likely dehydrated. So my ride to and from Parkrun today, without any water in the baking heat, may have been doing better for me than I thought.

Getting home at 10am sweat soaked and unready for the day was probably not such a good outcome, of course…

What I also learned today was that the iron content of spinach has been overstated by a factor of ten for about 70 years, ever since a German researcher in the 19th century misplaced a decimal point. All this time, Popeye was lying to us, dammit.

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