Bloody Blood Bowl

Tonight I went down to Mox to get a game of Blood Bowl in – I’m trying to get more people playing in the area, so I figure getting more games in a game shop is a first step towards that.
Sadly, I had brutal dice. In the first turn, he killed two of my players (one of which was my near-indestructible treeman) and after that there was little I could do for the first half except watch my team get flattened. In the second half, all I had to do to equalise was to not roll double 1s. I rolled double 1s. He killed two more of my players and picked up the ball, and after two and a half hours of this massacre, we called it done. I think his pink dice may have been cursed against me: it seemed like he never rolled a 1, and kept rolling double sixes whenever he needed to beat up one of my players. By the end we had him stop using the pink dice, because sometimes superstition demands you do something. Blood Bowl dice etiquette is a strange and marvellous thing.

On the positive side, I got to test out the ruleset for my next tournament, and I got a grilled cheese sandwich. So there’s always some good to be had.

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