Blowing off steam

I walked the girls to the library and back today, and on the way there I bought them quesadillas, and on the way back I carried 13 hardback books in my backpack. So, as well as a Pilates session this morning, I really did get my exercise.

I’m not sure why I then did 20 minutes of arm waving aerobic work in VR, but the race is getting closer and maybe I’m beginning to panic about not having trained enough.

My wife and I have both been under the weather, but I’ve been just feeling crappy, whereas she was stuck in bed today. This is uncharacteristic; usually I’d be the one collapsing at the first indications of a cold, while my wife’s iron constitution sees her through, but these are strange times…

I got the kids to go to sleep quickly tonight (maybe the exercise worked!) then made the most of my time by … playing a video game I finished last year. Well, maybe that’s a rest…

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