Bobbing along

I went swimming tonight but only managed six lengths (plus two of backstroke); after a day of sitting down doing nothing, I had a headache and a case of lassitude. Maybe that was enough.
Destroyer lost her mind tonight over broccoli. Honestly, that one of my children should have a stereotypical disdain for one of the best vegetables is just egregious. We got her to eat it in the end by pointing out you don’t get dessert if you don’t eat your dinner, but that was too much screaming for my tastes.

I read another chapter of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe to the girls. La Serpiente keeps demanding more, although it turns out she crept downstairs and read the whole thing one morning to herself, although I think she skimmed it as she kept being surprised by the story I was reading. Shades of me and the Great Gatsby there ..

Anyway, stayed up too late again. I really must remember to get a decent night’s sleep instead of chasing the sunrise …

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