Books, books, books

We went to the library today and borrowed about 45 books between us, staggering down to the car to fill the boot with them. I’ve read two already (ok, they were Judge Dredd comic books chosen in some burst of nostalgia) but La Serpiente has probably made major inroads in the rest already. I figure we might have them all done by the end of the week, depending on how much other distraction we have.
We had a call with our builder to go over budgets, and pleasingly it appears we won’t be going over budget. It would be easier if they’d hurry up and give me my tax refund for 2020, but without that we still look to be within a few grand of paying for it all. There’s still time for that to get bigger or smaller, but we’re approaching the end. I suppose soon is when we have the hard conversations about nice things that we can’t have.

The kids demanded to watch me playing on the Oculus (it turns out this is a way for them to get computer game access, and apparently getting to watch me play a game is as good as playing a game themselves) so I wore myself out with more boxing in virtual reality, before we sat down to watch the second half of the (rather creepy) Tim Burton version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

And then Destroyer was a wailing mess for half an hour because we wouldn’t let her have a second dinner. Life is tough when you’re six years old.

Now, the rains are a-falling again. Planning on spending tomorrow indoors, wrapped up as much as possible, and preparing paperwork to request a refund for our car (still sat in a car yard at the dealership, awaiting a potentially non-existent replacement battery…)

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