Books, burgers and Bothell

We drove the girls out to Bothell today, a small town north of Seattle we first visited for the July 4th parade last year. This time, with the lockdown in force, we bought burgers to take away from a restaurant, then sat in the car and ate them outside a petrol station, before driving down to the park by the river.
The girls spent quite a lot of time climbing a pine tree. We’d had an awful night with them getting up and getting in our bed, and then me going to sleep on the sofa, pursued by one child while the other decided to wet her bed … Tempers were frayed and while I got my wife to take a nap in the car while I walked the girls around Bothell in search of cupcakes and coffee, it was an uphill slog all the way.

But the girls ran around a lot, which wore them out, and then we went home, stopping off to donate books at every Little Library in Ballard. The Little Libraries are wooden cabinets that various people have erected outside their houses, for people to share books through. We had two moving cartons full of books we haven’t looked at since we moved from Singapore, so today was a good day to give them all away.

The girls were less impressed and yelled at us for not taking them home directly, but eventually were mollified when we got back and gave them television.

I had worried we hadn’t worn them out enough, but they were both fast asleep just after eight, which meant we could watch several episodes of the ludicrous What We Do In The Shadows TV series, including a glorious cameo by Mark Hammill. So that was a nice end to the night. And then a book I ordered months ago arrived in the mail today, so I have the quite ludicrous Silver Spitfire to read about now.

And on to the weekend…

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