Boris Galoshes

Again, super tired. But that was because today I cycled to the office, ran a training session, then cycled home again to unlock a door for the builders, and then cycled off to the shops to buy birthday presents, pick up a library book and get keys cut so I wouldn’t have to rush home to let the builders in in the future.
Along the way, I forgot to eat lunch, so by the time it got to the evening, and La Serpiente going ice skating with one of her friends, I was hanging.

La Serpiente’s new friend, despite a few skating lessons, isn’t as confident as our bulldozing daughter, but it was lovely to see our daughter encouraging her, and so I and her friend’s mother watched as they spent 90 minutes skating.

Then homeward after a dinner at Red Robin, and somehow the two of us concocted a thirteen book cycle about the noir PI, Boris Galoshes, with tag lines like "Walk A Mile In A Dead Man’s Shoes", "Big Feet and Small Socks", "The Boot Is On The Other Foot", and the inevitable final episode, "Reboot".

Oh, and Froggy kept us up all night scratching at doors, then took a dump on the floor. I love our cat.

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