Bowie and a hot day

Another day, another hot day. I had some calls today I couldn’t extricate myself from, but apart from that I was entertaining the girls. Today that consisted mostly of throwing them up in the air, or helping them to climb up into trees. So that was nice – any attempt to raise consciousness, or at least physical position, is good. Encouraged by the children enjoying this, later I tried lifting them up so they could touch the kitchen ceiling, but that freaked them out, so I stopped.
In the evening, I went for a run, but I was exhausted. Even though I was just scheduled to run an easy 30 minutes, but I made it to less than 25, at barely more than walking pace. Perhaps it was the hard intervals two days ago. Perhaps it was La Serpiente waking me up at 2 minute intervals from 6 until 730 this morning. I should have retaliated by reading the Hobbit to her and terrifying her.

And I played them the trailer for Labyrinth. They are scared of 1980s David Bowie, it turns out. I’m obviously upset by this.

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