Boxing Day Hijinks

We had a calm and sedate morning, to recover from the excitement of Christmas Day. That meant the girls played, and then made me play Pizza Party, a quick game where you have to make a pizza by rolling dice until you get the required ingredients. Done in ten minutes, but pretty fun. I hid upstairs for a bit and won a game of Blood Bowl against a coach who’s always thrashed me in the past, so that was a nice bump. Finally, just before lunchtime I made a new paint spraying cupboard, out of some plastic sheeting and a very large box from Amazon, so I could spray primer on some of my miniatures.
Unfortunately, even doing this in the basement produced such a strong smell that we all had to leave the house while it dissipated, going on a long walk up a hill and then down to 65th, to find a restaurant that had been recommended to us. In these pandemic times we don’t get to go into restaurants, but we could at least read the menu and dream…

Then a walk back up the hill and more play time for the girls, in between opening the final round of presents.

We cleared out some of our cook books today. Partly this was while planning for the cake baking we’re doing soon (I’m hankering to try out the chocolate and pear cake in the Great British Bake Off book) and also because we’re just trying to shed some of the stuff that has accumulated in our house.

Then we tried out our new cocktail kit, with a Holiday Old Fashioned (two and a half ounces of bourbon each, some bitters, three quarters of an ounce of orange syrup, and a spoonful of marmalade). We could have done with more ginger in there, but it was decent enough.

The kids went to sleep very fast (they had been up since seven, after all) and then I began to paint some of the miniatures I primed today, and glue together some of the ones I bought at the end of 2018 and haven’t got round to yet. I have a passable looking futuristic fighter plane, and a small army of gray plastic that also needs priming (my scheme is to spray it all on Tuesday morning, just before leaving the house for the day) and hoping to have made a significant dent by the new year.

Speaking of which, I need to think about my resolutions. I’m a bit scared to look at this year’s and see how far behind I fell. Then again, covid? Any excuse…

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