Building stress

I played three games of Blood Bowl this evening and finished with an unexpected win, which (according to my notes) is the first win I’ve had in over a month, since the 21st of February. And strangely, in a match where I didn’t really care much about the outcome. There’s a learning there…
I had a slightly stressful day, organising calls between my contractor and my engineer, neither of whom seemed brave enough to pick up the phone and talk to the other. The impasse has been deciding what we do with the existing concrete slab that makes up the floor of our basement. While it’s pretty decrepit, we kept being told not to demolish it, but to put more concrete on top. But, since only half the floor is concrete and the rest is dirt, the new concrete would be bound to buckle and crack at the intersection. So we went back and forth for weeks on ways to mitigate this, and now the engineer is saying we should demolish it.

Which is the opposite of what everyone had interpreted for the last month and beyond. Which drives me up the wall with annoyance. Next, we need to figure out the quality of the existing foundation … This is a project that is a lot more complicated as we go further into it, and I can only hope at the end we have a finished, waterproof house and not a big mass of rubble. We can but hope…

Still, it was sunny and in the park today I met an Englishman, which made me sort of homesick. Well, more so that I miss the people of England; after so long away, it’s harder than ever to imagine moving back. Perhaps life will turn out such that as soon as we finish the renovation, we end up moving to England. Life has been surprising enough already, after all.

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