Building up to the weekend

We all slept in late today, and when I’d finally got up and fed the kids,it was time to present them with their new Lego. There were two box sets, both themed around the second Lego movie: dinosaurs with laser guns, and Destroyer’s favourite, Unikitty.
These are complicated kits; the dinosaurs is recommended for 7+, and Unikitty 8+. Each set comes in a sequence of numbered plastic bags, where you follow the instructions for the first bag’s pieces, then go on to bag 2, and so on. That prevents you getting too intimidated by a mound of plastic. Of course,the girls ripped open every bag and made two mounds of plastic, then went to work.

I don’t remember things being this detailed. Back in the day, I remember just having lots of bricks – I must have lost or ignored the instructions. Nowadays there are many more custom bricks (and new fun interlocking shapes, axles, ball and socket joints and other articulations) which make the things you create much more detailed and interesting.

There’s also all those guns, which there never used to be, but then kids can make representations of weapons out of almost anything. We made La Serpiente’s set of stuff, we ran once roudnnthe block, then I had a quick work call and the girls had a bit of lunch, and then started on Unikitty in the afternoon (and were still working on it come dinner time). I had my own kit, a Nissan GT-R with another 300 parts,but I assembled that with a bottle of cider and a spare hour, slightly disappointed that unlike the higher end car models,it doesn’t have a detailed engine.

So that was a lot of fun and it’s cool to see how they can put together Lego (or not – there’s a lot of fine motor skills). We had a four mile bike ride as well, culminating in a visit to the off license to buy a ton of booze, and then the kids were so tired it only took two hours to get them to sleep, after which I went to the park over the road and got drunk.

So that was Friday, in a nutshell.

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  1. Even when we were at Uni Jo Keeffe used to complain that there were too many custom bits in Lego that couldn’t be used for anything else and that it was better in the old days when it was just blocks and we had to use our imagination.

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