Busy day off

We schemed on going to Half and Half in Capitol Hill today and getting doughnuts, but our plan was stymied by them being closed for President’s Day. I had neglected to eat any breakfast and so, ravenous, we descended on a diner nearby where I had a vegan BLT and Destroyer ate a ludicrous amount of pancakes.

This was a prelude to visiting Elliot Bay, the bookstore down the street, where we were lucky to leave after only spending sixty dollars. Then a drive home, via the house to check on the builders, buy my wife’s Christmas present from my parents (a new pair of shoes for her at last), play some Blood Bowl, and then I got to go climbing for the first time in two months.

I was pleased to find that I hadn’t forgotten everything in the interim. I didn’t even injure myself, which is a bonus. I spent about 45 minutes clambering up things, until there was nothing left to attempt apart from what was impossible, which is a good time to stop. My stamina was good, which I credit to all my VR workouts. Not wanting to break my streak of workouts, I did one of those too today, and then realised what a bad idea that was, as climbing stressed my legs and so umpteen squats afterwards was … challenging.

Finally, let the kids watch the rest of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which meant we put them to bed just before nine. Well, it isn’t a school night, for a change …

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