Busy Sunday

After a terrible game of Blood Bowl to start the day off wrong, I took the girls to buy biscuits, with a detour to a doughnut shop. We went to Mighty O’s instead of Top Pot, because it involved walking about a mile less, and although generally I prefer Top Pot, I found the Mighty O’s offerings to be a nice change. More fruity flavours. The girls didn’t care, as long as they got sprinkles.
We walked home, had a quick call with my parents and sister, I spray painted some Blood Bowl players, and then vamoosed to my weekly outreach with the homeless.

On the way there I realised my car had decided to show some speeds in km/h rather than mph, for no reason other than it felt like it. That was … Interesting.

There weren’t many volunteers today, but there also weren’t many people out. I spent most of my time talking to them, and it’s interesting to understand why people think we’re doing this. The theory somebody had is that it’s somebody with a huge inheritance. I wasn’t sure how to say that it’s possibly just because you think it’s right to help people worse off than yourselves.

Back home, picked up the family, took them to REI, bought shoes, came home, put the girls to bed, went climbing, felt knackered, came home, painted some orcs, went to bed.

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