Cake, snow, and early morning errors

I took the girls on a long walk through the snow today, baiting them with promises of a visit to the toy shop (closed due to snow) and then eventually giving them hot chocolate. I was suffering a bit: I set my alarm for 6:15 this morning so as to not miss a call from the plumbing inspector, failing to realise that was scheduled for tomorrow, not today.
Between that, and a caffeine withdrawal hangover that had persisted since yesterday, the morning was a struggle. But on we chug.

This evening I got to paint a Blood Bowl model for the first time in months: I got some iridescent metallic paint, that changes colour as you look at it from different directions, and combined it with some pink paint to make something that looks faintly ridiculous. No, not faintly at all, it’s like an explosion in a unicorn factory.

What left to do after that but watch the Great British Bake Off and go to bed?

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