Calm before or after the storm

I stayed up late last night for nothing I can remember now, and so I struggled to get up this morning. Still, I drove to the climbing wall, did an hour’s exercise, then drove home in time to pick up biscuits for the family, then phone England.
I bought my parents and my sister Portals this week, which arrived super quickly and meant we could have easier conversations over Facebook Messenger. Now rather than rely on iPads or other devices, I can be pretty sure that I can see my parents and not the ceiling or just the top of their heads. The girls are particularly excited about a feature where grandparents (or indeed anyone with a Portal) can read stories, complete with extra animations, to them. I wonder if they’ll tire of this.

Then as it was Sunday, I drove down to help with the homeless outreach. I’m glad it didn’t rain: after threatening to do so, and the downpour last night, I wasn’t looking forward to a rerun, but the weather held for people to come down from the encampment and pick up supplies; mostly food and batteries, and some clothing. I did my bit for an hour or so, then headed back on a tour of Seattle, dropping off a bottle of cider to our friends in preparation for a drunken call next weekend.

Then, finally, I gave my wife a break by taking the girls out for ice cream. They came back, I built a fire in our fire pit, had a game of Blood Bowl (lost 2-1, through my own fault, which is better than through bad luck), fed the kids marshmallows, put them to bed, played another game of Blood Bowl, and thence to bed. Last week of work before Thanksgiving commences tomorrow …

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