The weather is definitely getting colder. I spent the morning working, wrapped in a blanket, and though the sun came out later on, the skies were still heavy and grey.

We were meant to be getting our new car next month. We even had the VIN from the factory (the Vehicle Identification Number is only assigned once the car is built) but then Ford rescinded it, with a memo saying they’re not selling any plug in hybrids until 2021.

We’d been looking forward to getting further away and exploring more. I’d also been looking forward to having a car to charge from my solar panels. But instead, we don’t.

It’s a mixed blessing. On the positive side, every month we don’t have it is another $600 saved of car payments. And recent news suggests plug in hybrids aren’t as efficient as either regular gas cars or electric ones, as they are always transporting one redundant powerplant. But we wanted to have wheels!

Now, a new dilemma presents itself. Do we buy a fully electric car? New, even more fun options are on the market. Or do we buy something for a few months and then trade it in when it comes to the time to get the car we really want? Or is it just a few more months without?

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