Carry The Weight

Having had six hours sleep last night, I felt pretty good today. I carried Destroyer to school on my shoulders (La Serpiente is still recuperating from her ear infection) and she was happy to be dropped off, and then I went to work and spent all day filling in forms. It’s been an exciting day.

When I got home, the tumult was in general effect. While I tried to fill in some important tax forms, the little ones gibbered and pranced, and it was a long, long slog to get them into bed. I woke up about 9pm in a darkened room, a slumbering child on either arm, and then went off to watch some motorcycle racing from the race in Qatar last weekend. 

So, a placid Tuesday. I bashed my shin climbing today, but did a few more harder problems – my new superpowers have been consistently unlocked. 

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