Cars I have driven: Toyota Camry

Today I rented a Toyota Camry. I drove a Camry back in 2014 in Seattle and really enjoyed it. For some reason, I like this one less. It could be that I’m now accustomed to a leather steering wheel instead of a hard plastic one. Or I’m now surprised by cars where you turn a key to start it rather than press a button. Or the tiny sat nav display and the failure to integrate with Android Auto or Apple Carplay. Or just the way thr whole car feels like it wasn’t assembled properly.

Otherwise, I quite like the Toyota Camry and will surely purchase one this year.

I hired the car to drive to Bellevue, to fetch game boards for this weekend’s tournament. So it succeeded at that. Then I came home, drank a beer while getting 89% in my MBA exam, and ate some chocolate. So that was the full extent of my exciting evening.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which means La Serpiente has to get to school for 7:25, and hence it’s time I went to bed. How uncivilised.

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